EarthServer: EO Data Service

Earth Observation Data Service


The Earth Observation Data Service aims at improving the accessibility of Big Earth Data to manipulate enormous data sets with just a few mouseclicks. Stepping forward from the Climate Data Service implemented in the framework of the EarthServer and currently offering +100TB of Atmosphere, Land and Ocean EO products, The EO Data Service offers access to next generation EO data and products coming from the Sentinel family.

The EO Data Service demonstrates the easiness of data exploration and delivery of satellite data in its native context of a virtual globe via any standard internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE).

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Available Data

The EO Datacube enables advanced data access and retrieval capabilities to the currently-available European coverages of Landsat-8 (full pan- European coverage).

ESA is an International Co-operator with USGS for the Landsat-8 Mission. Data is downlinked via Kiruna and Matera (KIS and MTI) stations whenever the satellite passes over Europe, starting from November 2013. Typically the station's will receive 2 or 3 passes per day each and there will be some new scenes for each path, in accordance with the overall mission acquisition plan. Data are processed to either L1T or L1Gt product format.

Moreover additional EO products are available (e.g. Landsat5/7 over Italy and Austria, MODIS Level 2 and Level 3 products, etc).

See the full list of available EO products at EO Data Server - WCS Capabilities


Demo video

MEA video example

This video gives a demonstration of how to obtain data from the EO Datacube portal, how to export temporal data of different variables and bring data in standard GIS package or spreadsheet package for further analysis.

The Earth Server Initiative

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